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Please feel free to contact the clinic with any questions or concerns you may have.

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Fax Immunization & Health Records to 832-249-4984

Clinic Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:40AM to 4:25PM

Nurse's Notes and reminders:

*Please inform the school nurse of any medication conditions that may affect your student during a school day. (Asthma, Diabetes, ADHD/ADD, Life Threatening Allergies, Injuries, Physical Disabilities, Seizures, Surgery, etc.)

Medication Reminder: All medication must be brought to and picked up at the clinic by a parent or guardian. Students may NOT carry medication to and from school. Medication must be in its original container with the dosage information present on the packaging. Over the counter medication may be kept in the clinic for 2 weeks with parent signature, if a medication is needed longer, a doctor’s note is required.

Medication Authorization Form

ILLNESS: Please notify attendance if your child is absent due to illness. Please contact the school clinic if your child is diagnosed with flu. If your child should be kept home if they have a temperature of 100.0 F or greater, and should stay home until they are fever free for 24 hours or an entire school day without the assistance of a fever reducing medication. Please keep your children at home if they are ill. This allows them to become completely well and prevents the spread of disease to other children.

IMMUNIZATIONS: Texas State Law requires immunizations to be current for admission to school. Send a copy to the clinic anytime your child receives them.


Please contact the clinic to discuss your child's asthma.

An Asthma packet Asthma Packet will need to be filled out by your physician & returned to the clinic when your child starts school.


Please contact the Nurse to discuss your child's Diabetes.

Please bring the School Official Diabetes Orders to clinic and a Diabetes Care Plan Diabetic Care Plan Form will need to be filled out by your physician & returned to the clinic when your child starts school


Please contact the Nurse to discuss your child's seizure disorder.

A Seizure Packet Seizure Action Plan will need to be filled out by your physician & returned to the clinic when your child starts school.


If your child has allergies:

1. Contact the clinic at (832) 249-4918.

2. Give Klein Intermediate Clinic a doctor's note with your child's diagnosis & Epi Pen to stay in the clinic.

3. Print the Allergy Action Plan: Allergy Action Plan Packet which will need to be filled out by your child's doctor and you.

4. Klein Intermediate Clinic will forward the doctor's note to the food service dietitian for food allergy.

Parents can contact the food service dietitian with any questions or concerns about menu items at 832-249-4610.

Klein ISD will make substitutions for milk for non-disabled students who cannot drink cow's milk due to a medical or special dietary need. A written request must be made from the doctor and the student's parent or legal guardian in order for the child to receive a fluid milk substitution.

The packet below will need to be completed by your physician & returned to the clinic when your child starts school.

Allergy Action Plan Packet

Allergies & Responsibility


ALL PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS MUST BE DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO THE CLINIC BY THE PARENT OR GUARDIAN. Children are not allowed to transport medications; this includes items such as inhalers, antibiotics, cough drops, vitamins or any kind of cold or Over The Counter (OTC) medicines. This procedure is implemented for the safety of your children and to bring Klein ISD in line with other school districts in our area. Only prescription medication needed for the student to remain in school will be given by the clinic. Students who bring prescription medications to school, even with instructions from parents to deliver them to the clinic, will be referred to their Assistant Principal and may be subject to disciplinary measures.

All prescription medicine must be in its original container, properly labeled from the pharmacy. Siblings may not share prescription medications. Inhalers must also have the prescription label & not be expired. Prescription medications with limited duration will be administered for the time prescribed on the label, and any leftover medicine not picked up by the parent will be destroyed after two weeks.

All prescription medications not picked up by the parent/guardian by the last day of school will be destroyed.

Medication Authorization Form

Clinic personnel may not administer any narcotic medication, nor may the student have taken any narcotic medication prior to beginning the school day.

Other Information:

• The school does not provide any medications for the students.

• No vitamins, health foods, or herbal preparations will be given by school employees.


If your child receives an immunization, please bring the shot record to the clinic so your student’s record can be updated. You can also fax a copy to the clinic at: (832) 249-4984.

Please click on the Texas Department of State Health Service link below to view the required immunizations for all school aged children. Texas Department of State Health Services

Click on Immunization Clinic's to find a list of immunization clinics in the area.

Exclusion from Immunization

If you choose not to immunize your child due to medical contraindications, reasons of conscience, or religious beliefs, the exemption form is provided at following link. The exemption form should be completed and turned into the school nurse.

Affidavit Form for Exemption

Communicable illness

Klein ISD Communicable Illness Policy

Chickenpox (Varicella): Readmit after 7 days from onset of rash, except immune-compromised individuals who should not return until all blisters have crusted over (may be longer than 7 days).

Conjunctivitis (bacterial and/or viral): Readmit after a physician's certificate or health permit is obtained or after prescription medication has been initiated.

Diphtheria: Readmit after a physician's certificate or health permit so obtained. Report suspected cases immediately to local health department.

Fever (100.0 F or greater): Readmit when the child has been free of fever for 24 hours, without the help of medicine.

Gastroenteritis, viral: Readmit when diarrhea subsides.

Head lice (Pediculosis): If students are found to have live lice on their scalp they will be sent back to their classroom and the parent will be notified. The student may stay in class for the remainder of the day or the parent may choose to come and pick up their child. It is expected that the that the student will be treated at home that day with a medicated shampoo or lotion. Upon returning to school the next day the student will again be checked for lice. If the student has live lice he or she will be excluded from school until they have received treatment. Classroom checks will no longer be performed. By the time a child with an active lice infestation has been identified, he or she may have had the infestation for one month or more, and therefore poses little additional risk of transmission to others.

Hepatitis, viral type A: Readmit after 1 week from onset of illness. Immune globulin should be given to household contacts. If more than one case occurs in a school, immune globulin should be considered for all children and parents involved.

Impetigo: Readmit when treatment has begun.

Influenza: Readmit when symptoms subside and the child has been free of fever for 24 hours.

Measles (Rubeola): Readmit after 4 days from rash onset. In an outbreak, unimmunized children should also be excluded for a least 2 weeks after last rash onset occurs. Report suspect cases immediately to local health department.

Meningitis, bacterial: Readmit after a physician's certificate or health permit is obtained. Depending on which bacteria are causing the illness, prophylactic antibiotics may be recommended for family members. Occasionally, close contacts at a school are also treated.

Meningitis, viral (Aseptic meningitis): Rarely serious. Usually caused by common viruses such as herpes simplex, adenovirus, or coxsackie virus. Investigation of contacts and source of infection usually not indicated. Readmit to school if no fever.

Mumps: Readmit after 9 days from the onset of swelling.

Pertussis (whooping cough): Readmit after 5 days of antibiotic therapy. Unimmunized contacts should be immunized and receive antibiotic prophylaxis. Report suspected cases immediately to local health department.

Poliomyelitis: Readmit after a physician's certificate or health permit is obtained. Report cased immediately to local health department.

Ringworm of the scalp: Readmit when treatment has begun.

Ringworm of the skin: Admit provided lesions are covered. Treatment is recommended.

Rubella (German measles): Readmit after 7 days from rash onset. In an outbreak, unimmunized children should be excluded for at least 3 weeks after last rash onset occurs. Report suspected cased immediately to local health department.

Salmonellosis: Readmit when diarrhea subsides.

Scabies: Readmit when treatment has begun. Careful examination of close contacts required to identify early infection. Household members should be treated prophylactically.

Shigellosis: Readmit when diarrhea subsides.

Streptococcal sore throat and scarlet fever: Readmit after 24 hours from time antibiotic treatment began.

Tuberculosis, pulmonary: Readmit after antibiotic treatment has begun, and a physician's certificate or health permit is obtained. All classroom contacts should have TB skin tests. Antibiotic prophylaxis indicated for newly positive reactors. Tuberculosis skin test, positive: If the student has a reactive skin test and is symptomatic of TB, he/she will not be admitted to school until documentation of the chest X-ray is submitted to the school. Admit to school with documentation of a negative chest X-ray or proof of a scheduled appointment for a chest X-ray. Documentation of a negative chest X-ray and evaluation for preventive therapy must be presented to the school after the appointment.


Each school year students in 7th grade and those new to Texas schools, are screened for vision and hearing as required by the State of Texas. In addition, vision and hearing screening will be done for any student who may be suspected of vision or hearing loss by a classroom teacher or parent. 7th graders will also be screened for Acanthosis Nigricans, a Type II Diabetes risk factor. Eight graders are screened for Scoliosis, an abnormal spinal curvature.

If your child wears glasses or hearing aids, please make sure they have them at school every day. Much learning is lost to students who cannot see or hear clearly.

If your child was referred to a specialist for either a vision or hearing problem, please schedule a follow up appointment with the appropriate specialist. Please contact Klein Intermediate clinic to inform when follow up has been completed. Please return the follow up form (fax) 419-249-4984 or call the clinic at 832-249-4918 or 832-249-4919.

You will be receiving a reminder if we do not hear from you as state reports require how many students were referred to a specialist, how many were seen by a specialist and what the specialist found.

*Spinal screenings will be done on all of our 8th graders in a private setting. A letter will be sent home with the students indicating the exact date. If spinal abnormalities are detected, referral letters will be mailed to your home regarding the need to follow up with your child’s physician.

* Acanthosis Nigricans(AN) is a skin marker found on the back of the neck that we also look for during our 7th grade screenings. It is a possible result of elevated insulin levels in the blood, which can be a precursor to Type II Diabetes. If we feel that the student has this marker, we will also check his/her blood pressure and will notify you within the next couple of months. Further information about AN will be mailed to you along with the referral letter to take to your child’s physician.

For more information visit the Klein ISD Health Services website.

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